Setting up a Customer in BillingServ

Setting up a Customer within BillingServ is super easy.

View Customers:

Here you can see all the customers that are signed up in your BillingServ account. You can delete, update and view their records from this page.

Create Customer:

Contact Details:


Enter the customers name (Required).

Web Address

You can enter the customers web address if you would like (Optional).

Business Name:

You can enter the business name, if the business is VAT registered, you will need to enter this for VAT Verification.

Address 1:

Address 1 is a required field.

Address 2:

Address 2 is optional.


Enter the customers City.


Select the customers State/County.


Select the customers country.

Postal/Zip Code

Enter the postal/zip code for the customer.


Enter the telephone number for the customer this field is required.

Fax Number:

This field is optional

Login Information:

Email Address:

This is the clients login for checking out, their account and any support related questions.


Enter a password for the clients account, this can be reset once the client logs in.


Add any internal notes for the client.

Credit Balance:

You can add credit to this clients account.