Setting up Invoices in BillingServ

Setting up Invoices within BillingServ is super easy.

View All Invoices:

Here you get a broad overview of all the invoices raised in your account.

View Unpaid:

This will only list unpaid invoices.

View Overdue:

This will only list overdue invoices, set by the time in your invoice settings.

View Paid:

This will only list paid invoices.

View Refunded:

This will list all refunded invoices:

View Canceled:

View all canceled invoices.

Create Invoice:


Here you can either select a customer that has already signed up, or you can create a new customer.


This is the Invoice Number

Payment Due:

You can select the payment due date here.

Line Items:

You can add item, description, tax class, Price and QTY. Once you've added this information your invoice will then auto calculate.

New Total Item:

You can add extra charges here, with tax. For exmaple Shipping.

Additional Comments:

You can add some notes here, these will be passed through to the invoices in the clients account and emailed too.