Setting up Marketing in BillingServ

Setting up Marketing within BillingServ is super easy.

Setting up Fixed Discounts:

Setting up Fixed Discounts is easy, we will walk you through the different options.

Minimum Order:

Here you need to add in the minimum order amount, for example £100.

Discount Value:

Here you need to enter the amount of discount applied to this order, for example 15%.

Start Date:

Select a start date, this can be now or in the future.

End Date:

Enter a date in the future for the discount to end, you can even set it to never expire.

Setting up Discount Codes:


Enter the discount code you would like to use for your clients.

Discount Value:

Enter the discount value, for example 10%.

Start Date:

Enter a start date for when you would like the discount code to be active.

End Date:

Enter a end date, you can also set it to never expire.