Setting up Packages in BillingServ

Setting up Packages within BillingServ is super easy.

Create a Package

Setting up a package is really easy in BillingServ. Click Create Package.

You'll be presented with a form that you'll need to fill out.

Package Info:


Enter the name of the product group.


Enter a description of the product group. This is shown on the product group homepage.


URL is auto generated by the Product Group Name or you can enter your own (Optional).

Tax Class:

This is where you can select your tax class. You can select different tax classes for different packages.


You can either enable/disable to prorate to the first of the month. This will then calculate when someone adds this package to the checkout.

Free Trial:

Here you can setup a free trial, enter the days you want the order to be free. Once the trial is over an invoice is generated and sent to your client.

Downloadable File:

Here you can upload a file which you would like to sell, once the client has paid they will be given a URL in their client area where they can download the file they've bought.



Enter a price for the package.

Setup Fee:

If you would like to charge a setup fee you can add it here.


This is where you can setup the cycle, you can setup multiple cylces per package.


This is where you enable any product options.


This is where you can enable an integration, it can auto setup a hosting account, servers and much more.