Viewing Reports in BillingServ

Viewing reports within BillingServ is super easy.

View Reports:

Viewing your reports is easy, you have a lot of different reports to view.

Annual Sales:

This will list your annual sales, this will give you a broad over view of everything.

Sales by Staff:

This will list all the sales by staff, you can also change to daily, monthly or yearly.

Sales by customer

This will show you what your customers are currently paying. You can also change the report to show daily, monthly or yearly.

Login History

This is the login history for the main admin.

Revenue Trend:

This will show you your revenue trend over 5 previous years.

Package Leaderboard:

This shows you which package is performing the best.

Customer Invoice Report:

This shows you customer invoices.

Customer Credit Report:

This will list the credits your clients have.

Customer Receipts Report:

Shows customer receipts with IDs.

Debt Sheet:

Shows overdue invoices and how much your clients owe.